Standing In Her Truth: 50 Years of Art, Activism, and Community ActivationListen now (22 min) | Artist, activist and educator, Beverly Naidus’ 50-year adventure in the arts and culture space serves as an example of how art activists can create, engage, and thrive despite the pressures of living
Corrections: Standing In Her TruthSome corrections to the last published article Standing In Her Truth. Corrections: This article was updated on 1/23/2023 to correct few typos, a…
Deeper Dive: A Writer’s Study Abroad Experience Expands Her Creative Paradigm Listen now (22 min) | Amontaine Aurore tells us how Egypt and Bali transformed her paradigm and cracked open her creativity.
Seasons Greetings! A special year-end message from Artists Up Close
The Old Rules of Dance Are Dead: Long Live Dance!Listen now (19 min) | Seattle-based dancers, Christopher Montoya and Joshua Grant, reshape the pedagogy of dance, embrace self-love, and reframe the…
Seattle Playwright, Amontaine Aurore, Says ‘No’ To Flat, One-Dimensional Characters and ‘Yes’ To Exploring Their Full Humanity Listen now (20 min) | Undeterred by the limitations of a hostile society, Seattle playwright and actress, Amontaine Aurore, creates characters that are…
Moses Sun: The Re-Birth of An ArtistListen now (16 min) | From darkness to hope, visual artist Moses Sun shares his journey of healing, personal evolution, and artistic liberation.
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