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Painter Lesley Frenz Discovers Her Mother’s Spirit Amongst The Wild Things

Painter Lesley Frenz Discovers Her Mother’s Spirit Amongst The Wild Things

On a hike in the Pacific Northwest, painter Lesley Frenz discovers amongst the wild things of the forest, the loving spirit of her deceased mother. Then she captures the moment in her paintings.
Event attendees listen and discuss at J. Rinehart Gallery. March 11, 2023. Photo by Alexandra Kaczenski

This is the audio recording of our first in-person event: Wild Things and Longing at J. Rinehart Gallery in Seattle, WA on March 11, 2023.

Writer Beverly Aarons, painter Lesley Frenz and a group of about 10 artists and art appreciators discuss Frenz’ new series of artwork Longing Is The Return and its exploration of loss, longing, and the therapeutic power of art and nature.

The conversation was robust but intimate. Participants shared their own experience with loss, longing, and their feelings about Frenz’s artwork on display.

Audio Excerpt:

Lesley Frenz - Wearing Water And Slowness, 2023

Lesley Frenz gave attendees insight into her studio process and her discovery of the power of ‘flow’ while writer Beverly Aarons discussed the limitations of artificial intelligence’s ability to convey emotion in art.


Getting ready for the event:

Please enjoy the entire event recording which is about 56 minutes. And join us for our next event: Who’s Afraid of The Pivot? The Power of Artistic Reinvention

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