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Seattle Urban Topography Lost & Found

Seattle Urban Topography Lost & Found

An interactive artist talk w/ Sue Danielson (event audio)

Event attendees converse at J. Rinehart Gallery, Seattle, WA (April 15, 2023)

This is the audio recording of our April 15, 2023 event “Seattle Urban Topography Lost & Found: An Interactive Artist Talk w/ Sue Danielson.

Event Description:

Artist Sue Danielson and writer Beverly Aarons explore Seattle’s hidden landscapes that serve as inspiration for Sue's art. This interactive conversation dives deep into Sue Danielson’s creative vision for her newest body of work, Lost and Found, and uncovers how Sue’s discovery of Seattle's hidden natural wonders became a transformative metaphor for life.

What Attendees Said About The Event

Listen to a small sample of the event:


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Our Next Event:

Did you miss our this event and want to attend the next one? Join us on September 22, 2023 for Digital Da Vincis: How Artists Can Thrive In The Age of AI an interactive conversation which is online and in-person at Blue Cone Studios in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, WA.

Join artist Adelaide Blair and writer Beverly Aarons for an enlightening and interactive conversation as we delve deep into the intricacies and convergence of AI and art.

"Digital Da Vincis" is a unique event dedicated to understanding the profound impact of AI on the art world and envisioning a future where artists don't just adapt but thrive.

The lines between art and technology are blurring. Artificial intelligence, once a realm of science fiction, is now at our fingertips, presenting both challenges and opportunities for today's artists.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding AI's Role: Discover the groundbreaking ways AI is being used in art creation, curation, and promotion.

  • Future Vision: Engage in discussions about the ethical, philosophical, and practical implications of AI in art, shaping the trajectory of the next art revolution.

  • Practical Skills: Using our "AI Toolkit," uncover AI tools and technologies that can enhance your artistic processes, from inspiration to execution.

Who Should Attend:

  • Visual artists curious about integrating technology into their work.

  • Art enthusiasts keen on understanding the evolving dynamics of art and tech.

  • Technology professionals interested in the creative applications of AI.

Exclusive Perks:

A week before the event, every attendee will receive an "AI Primer" sheet to prepare them for the discussion. The primer will be emailed to all attendees.

After the event, every attendee will receive an "Artist AI Toolkit," a curated set of resources, tools, and guides to help artists navigate the AI realm. Whether you're just starting your tech journey or you're looking to refine your skills, this toolkit promises value. The toolkit will be emailed to all attendees after the event.

This isn't just another artist talk. It is a chance to connect on a deeper level with the artist and fellow attendees, to contribute to a powerful discussion about the intersection of AI and art and prepare yourself for the coming changes.

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