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"Too Controversial" Event Audio with Visual Artist Shima Star

"Too Controversial" Event Audio with Visual Artist Shima Star

Writer Beverly Aarons interviews visual artist Shima Star about her September 2023 exhibition "Too Controversial." (EVENT AUDIO)

This is the EVENT AUDIO for a November 2023 event I did with Shima Star. To listen click on the audio player above.

Vibrant vulva landscapes, poster-style paintings of women giving birth, and multichromatic ovaries and fallopian tubes adorned the walls of Shima Star’s solo exhibition Too Controversial at Studio 103 Gallery in Seattle, WA. This collection explores women’s experiences — from pregnancy to media portrayal. It celebrates women’s contributions and challenges societal limitations.

“This work isn't sexualized, it has nothing to do with that part of it. But it is about embracing our bodies. And it is about being understanding. Being able to celebrate who we are, and there's no shame around it.” ~Shima Star

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You can also read the article I wrote about her last year. A audio narration is available for that article too.