What is Artists Up Close?

Artists Up Close is a monthly newsletter dedicated to sharing in-depth, high-quality profiles and interviews featuring artists before they become famous. We don't cover celebrity gossip. We focus on intimate stories that capture the journey of emerging and lesser-known creatives.

When is Artists Up Close published?

Artists Up Close is published at least once month.

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All subscribers (free and paid) receive informative, entertaining, and inspiring news about artists you may not hear about in mainstream publications. We ask intimate questions and explore parts of the artist’s life, practice, and process that isn’t typically focused on in mainstream publications.

Each in-depth post will include a audio version so that you can enjoy the story while washing the dishes, going for a walk or doing other things in your busy life.

What’s the cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to subscribe at the basic level — it’s free! Paid subscriptions are $6 a month or $40 a year. To become a founder, it’s $90 a year.

About Me

I’m a writer, artist and game developer. Here are some links to my award-winning work, filmmaker and artist profiles, arts and cultural events coverage, as well as interviews with scientists and business leaders.

I created Artists Up Close because I’m hungry for arts coverage that goes deep. I’m hungry to read it and I’m hungry to write it. We live in an era of celebrity gossip, quick hot takes, sound bites, and copy/paste press releases. I’m tired of that. I want to dig beneath the surface of artists’ lives and artistic practices. What makes them tick? What is their reason for existing and creating? I want to take a trip deep into the mind of the artist. And I want to do all of that BEFORE they become famous. Come take that journey with me.

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Beverly Aarons is a writer, artist, and game developer. She works across disciplines at the intersections of history, hidden realities, and imagined futures.